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Unlimited Canada Phone Just $ 8.99.

2 Telephone numbers support.

Surprise ! 
Unlimited Canada Calling & 2 telephone local area numbers + Free calling features.


Support 2 Telephone numbers.

Why ?

All Korean- Canadian want to call their mother country anytime.  1 Telephone number is Canada's local area number.
Also, the other number is South Korea's  broadband phone number.
 All home  phone users enjoy their call's to Korea and long distance Canada.

Free added Call Features.

1. 911 emergency
2. Call Waiting
3. Call Display
4. Call  Transfer
5. Three way Calling 


Unlimited Calls for the worlds

                          27 Countries     $34.99.

For Trader, International Business .

We work for your unlimited calls to the worlds 27 countries. You can enjoy unlimmited calling with Korea, Japan, China, USA, France, Deuch, England, Swiss, Mexico, etc...